Like Mother, Like Son

Scout, a Malamute mix, was found tied to the main gate of our shelter in May, 2019. To make matters worse, her 4 puppies were dumped with her. The puppies were all about 6 weeks old, unable to fend for themselves. We were unable to do a background check on Scout, but she taught us a lot about herself during her time at our shelter.

She is around 2 years old and it is hard for her to hide her excitement when we get near her with a leash to take her on a walk. Scout is super friendly and loves people and other dogs. In addition to her love of walks, she also enjoys her down time…with cuddling and belly rubs being two more of her favorite things.

Fortunately, for all of us at the shelter, Scout and motherhood went hand in hand (or paw in paw) as she raised all 4 of her puppies just like any great mom would. It was easy to spot the runt of the litter as one of her puppies was about half the size of the rest. He also liked playing “hard to get” too. While his 3 littermates would all run up to greet you…he would keep a little bit of distance and sit there and be more of observer. He definitely blossomed during his time at the shelter as he became much more comfortable and trusting of people as evidenced by a smile and a tail wag.

The good news is Scout and her little shy guy’s story have a happy ending. Scout now has a forever home with a loving family. As for Scout Jr. (now called Teddy), he is thriving in Alaska with his new family where he has a big yard and loves to play in the snow and snuggle. He is smart and sweet and his confidence has soared…as it turns out he just needed the love and attention from a kind and caring family.

Scout’s story is not unique to our shelter. Unfortunately, dumping is a far too common problem and we do the best we can to give them all the love and attention we can and to place them in their forever homes. If Scout or Teddy’s story touched your heart, we still have 2 of Scouts puppies here at the shelter looking for their forever homes.

If you are considering adopting a dog, please consider one of these two little guys. We have no doubt that with a little bit of attention and love, you will find your new best friend! If you can’t adopt, please share this message and help us to help them.