Happy endings

“When I found you, I didn’t know what to do with you, now I wouldn’t know what to do without you.”

Wayne’s story is hard to believe. A few years ago AWARE was notified about an injured dog lying by the side of the highway, unable to walk and with a severely damaged eye. At the vet’s we were told that the eye had to be removed, and that the dog needed rest. We made him comfortable at the Shelter, and were very happy when after a few days he was able to stand up, and slowly he regained the ability to walk. An excellent example of a very strong dog determined to survive life on the streets, and to recover.

We imagined he would be with us for the rest of his life, but we were wrong. He’d been living quite comfortably at the shelter for several years when a family looking for a dog to adopt saw him on one of our social network pages and decided Wayne was for them. They gave him a new name – Jack, and a human/dog family who love him very much. Xenii and the whole Team send love from Sumpango.

Here are some photos of other animals who, thanks to Animal AWARE, have left behind their tribulations and found happiness in proper homes.