Adopt a pet

The goal for all our residents is to find them a good, loving home. If you are looking for a dog or cat to adopt, you have come to the right place! Please have a look through the list and make your choice. If the pet you are looking for is not here – don’t worry, it’s very difficult to keep the list up-to-date as animals come and go. Thank you for your interest in our adoption services. We hope we can assist you in finding a perfect companion for you and your family.

At our Adoption Center, you will have an opportunity to meet and visit with your potential new companion in person. Spend as much time as you desire getting to know an animal. You may review specially developed behavior and health profiles, and lifestyle considerations on each of our adoption animals.

Our Adoption Counselors will work with you to help find that perfect pet, but bear in mind that this may often require more than one visit. Adoption Counselors are here to answer all your questions and review important information with you. They can help you decide what size, age, breed and temperament will most successfully meet your expectations. They will review information about your pet’s adjustment to his or her new home, housetraining, health concerns, vaccinations, nutrition, training, grooming, etc.

Because adopting an animal is a family decision, please bring your entire family, including current resident dogs (if you are adopting a dog), to meet your potential companion. Please leave your resident cats safely at home.

The entire adoption process can be time consuming. But this time is well invested when you consider that your pet will live with you for up to 10 years or more. We ask for your patience and cooperation in the joyful process of bringing pets and people together.

Adoption Fees


What the adoption fee includes

Dogs and cats:

  • Behavior and medical evaluation
  • Pre-adoption medical treatments as needed (spay/neuter, x-rays, other surgeries, etc.)
  • Deworming, FELV/FIV test (cats), heartworm testing (dogs), flea/tick preventative and vaccinations

For any questions about the adoption process, please email

And if you need help adjusting your new pet adapt to your home, check out this video.