Other ways to help

How to help the animals and the work we do

There are many examples of animal cruelty and abuse that can be stopped through simple changes you can make in your everyday life.

How YOU can help the Animals.

  • Always neuter your pet – too many abandoned, starving dogs and cats roam the streets of Guatemala. Think carefully before adopting a pet. An animal friend will love and protect you and should be considered part of the family, for life.
  • Always adopt your new pet from a shelter like  Animal AWARE  or a similar refuge for stray animals. This decision can save an animal’s life.
  • Please don’t wear fur, leather or ivory products or buy any gifts made from animals. Wild animals have had their freedom stolen and their lives brutally taken from them in the name of fashion. Click here to order the shopping guide to non-leather products from the People for the Ethical Treatement for Animals (PETA)
  • When buying cosmetics, always choose “cruelty free” products. Thus you can help to end the suffering of millions of animals worldwide that are subjected to the abuses of cosmetic testing.
  • Throughout America animals are kept chained or caged to attract tourists at hotels and other public places. Politely voice your concern to the management, making them aware of your objections and say that you will not support or re-visit their facility if they continue to keep animals in this manner.
  • Perhaps you think that zoos, circuses and aquariums are educational and exciting? In reality, captivity is a torment for most wild animals and the training and everyday handling that institutionalized animals receive is frequently abusive. Click here to learn about the truth of performing animals.
  • Please don’t consume any dish that contains wild or endangered species. Many people throughout the world are recognizing the health and environmental benefits of a vegetarian diet. Animals bred for consumption suffer as a result of confinement, transportation and slaughter.
  • Refuse to participate in school laboratory experiments that use animals. Suggest curriculum alternatives to your teachers such as films, computer demonstrations and non-animal models that are widely available.
  • If you live in, or are travelling in Guatemala and you observe incidences of animal abuse please let us know, detailing the incident, time and exact location. Whilst we cannot always take direct action it will assist us in cataloging abuse and prioritizing our efforts.
  • Volunteer at the Animal AWARE shelter, to help take care of our animals. We always need help!
  • Subscribe to our regular newsletter which will keep you informed of our major campaigns and show how You Can Help.

Donate money or goods

 Animal AWARE is always in urgent need of:

  • Animal doctors (veterinary care) to treat their wounds and spay or neuter them
  • Delicious and nutritious food
  • Blankets and towels
  • Cleaning materials; sweeping brushes, soap, bleach, newspaper
  • Metal food bowls
  • Toys for the dogs and cats
  • Flea treatment

Animal AWARE needs money to help the dogs and cats in Guatemala. It doesn’t have to be a large amount. Every little helps! Donate what you can and the animals will greatly benefit from your generosity! For example, donating $10 will feed a dog or cat for a week and donating $5 will give a nice, snug blanket. If you would like to make a donation please click here for further information.


We rely on people from all walks of life to raise money for us. Without your generous support, it would not be possible to care for the dogs and cats we have at the shelter. Taking a little bit of time to raise money creates endless possibilities for Animal AWARE! Here are a few ideas of how you could raise money:

  • Organize a campaign at school, work or in your community and collect money.
  • Have a baking day and sell the delicious goodies to people at school or at work.
  • Collect things you don’t need or use anymore like books, games, clothes you don’t wear and have a car boot sale.
  • You could write letters to people you know explaining to them why it is necessary to rescue and help dogs and cats and explain to them how they can help by donating money.
  • For those into Extreme sport, why not choose an activity like a skydive, paragliding or bungee and ask people to sponsor you.
  • With a bit of initiative and application, you can make a considerable difference to the lives of animals in Guatemala, and engage in projects that are both fulfilling and instructive. Please let us know what you are planning, and we’ll help out in anyway we can.

Make a difference!

Just remember you really can make a difference to the lives of animals, simply by learning about what changes you can make in your life and becoming more mindful of your actions.

Make a better world!

Remember! Never doubt yourself, YOU have the “POWER” to help make a better world for both people and wildlife!

Here are some ways YOU can help out in your community and change the world for the better:

  • Help develop a flower garden for the butterflies and hummingbirds, put up bird boxes and feeders, and plant trees.
  • Join an organization which is working on conservation projects.
  • Pick up litter. Not only does it help the land but it can save the lives of wild animals who may be lured by garbage to roads and neighborhoods.
  • Recycle, reuse, and reduce wastes to save resources. This will save valuable land for wildlife and people.
  • Be a good role model to others.
  • Care and get involved whenever there is an opportunity!