Ledibug is a real example of what rescuing a dog in Guatemala can entail.   Many people here have dogs solely for the purpose of being a deterrent to thieves. Ledibug was being kept at a workhop, but was not being taken care of properly.   Upon arrival we spoke to the abusive workshop owner, and we knew right then that we were taking this dog with us.

However Ledibug wouldn’t dare leave without her precious secrets, 5 hidden puppies. Incredibly Ledibug had managed to convince, coax or stuff the 5 puppies into an under ground tunnel. I can only assume she knew that they would be safe from abuse if they were out of sight of their cruel owner.  But these puppies were inaccessible and also very scared of us, there was no way they were coming out on their own. So, we started to dig. We dug under a truck in order to gain access to the tunnel where the puppies were hiding. The puppies were traumatized, and probably had never had human contact other than to be hit or yelled at.

Even after a heart breaking and difficult life, Ledibug was surprisingly friendly and even willing to give humans another chance. Ledibug is a bit shy but once she gives you the once over and decides that you are okay, she will be your devoted friend forever.  Ledibug, and one of her now grown pups (named dragonfly), are still at AWARE awaiting their forever homes.