About us

About Animal AWARE

We are a non-profit organization based in Guatemala, Central America, where, for over 25 years we have been working, through education and neutering campaigns, to improve the lives of domestic animals for whom prospects – despite very positive and on-going changes in the attitude of people – are still not good in a country where many humans also lack basic necessities.

AWARE (which stands for Animal Welfare Association, Rescue & Education) is based at a shelter for rescued animals in Guatemala’s Central Highlands, where the population has stabilised at around 300 dogs and 70 cats. All the animals we receive are cured of their ailments both physical and psychological, socialised with humans and other animals, vaccinated, cured of intestinal parasites, and spayed and neutered. Then they’re ready for adoption into loving homes.

One reason we have 400 animals in our care is our No-Kill policy. We will only euthanise an animal for whom life is too much incurable suffering, so everyone who doesn’t get adopted stays with us and becomes part of a (very large) family.

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