One dog ailment that you rarely see in the US or Canada, but seen regularly here in Guatemala is Vaginal tumors or as they are known here ‘tumor de sticker’. These tumors are a venereal disease, which runs rampant in the sea of un-sterilized dogs in Guatemala. Dulcet was one of the unlucky dogs that caught the virus. But this was not her only problem. She also suffered from mange. The combination of a grapefruit sized tumor and mange on one dog is just heart breaking. It didn’t seem to bother her too much though.

Dulcet was a strong dog, and after 5 intravenous chemotherapies she was cured of her tumor. And her mange was gone too. Dulcet had been relieved of a terrible ailment and you can tell she is thankful for it.

Since her arrival she has made a full recovery and has a thick beautiful coat of black fur with a white underbelly and a plume of a tail. She lives up to her name, which loosely translates to something sweet or gentle.