Chin Chin

On the 12 th of October Chin Chin arrived, in a very sorry state. Abandoned and left to fend for himself. He was severely malnourished, he had very little hair left on his poor
frail body and his skin had countless open sores. Apart from his distressing appearance, Chin Chin smelled. However we knew that under all of this mess there was a beautiful loving dog, who we decided to name Chin Chin.
Our first order of action was a bath. After this, Chin Chin was a little less stinky and one step closer to becoming a happy and healthy dog. Chin Chin was then sent to the vet and
we found out what he had. Sarcoptic mange AND ringworm. This poor dog must have had some severely itchy skin!
After many months of medicated baths twice a week, lots of love and dog food. He has made a full recovery and has even grown back all of his beautiful white fur. While out on his daily walk, he enjoys running through the forest at top speed, and also hanging
back so that he can walk beside his best friend, an old Dogo Guatemalteco named Mecanico. Chin Chin has finally become a healthy happy dog.