Cezanne & Escher

es open markets, Cezanne was badly hurt and had her one year old pup tagging along by her side. Cezanne was captured and brought to the vet hospital. I say ‘captured’ because neither she nor her puppy were tame and neither wanted to go with their resucers. Both Cezanne and the puppy were biters. The puppy was kept at the hospital for a week and then sent to Aware. Cezanne however was in very bad shape. She had a 10” machete wound on her abdomen rising up to her right  side. The wound was infected and needed a lot of cleansing, stitches and time to heal. Cezanne didn’t want to let the stitches heal and so she decided to pull them out! Once again she was sedated and sewn up, this time she was also fitted with a nice cone.

After staying at the hospital for 2 weeks, Cezanne was reunited with her pup Escher. Escher had been very unwilling to adapt to human care. He would growl, bite, bare his teeth and sleep with his back to you. We were barely able to get him out of his kennel long enough to clean it out. Once Cezanne arrived he started to give humans a chance. It took a while for both of them but eventually they were put into a pen with other young dogs. This allowed Cezanne and Escher to finally get over their human fears and relax.

Although this mom and baby came into Aware with teeth showing and not letting anyone get in between them, they now enjoy separate lives with new friends and human care givers. Both Cezanne and Escher are still at Aware.