Bruno was a fun loving 5 month old puppy. Even at the darkest hour when Bruno was rescued, he wanted nothing more than to play and be loved. Bruno was found tied to the footbridge in San Lucas which spans a very busy highway. As cars whizzed past, Bruno sat and waited to be helped.  

At 4:30am a  policeman on his way to work saw the little pup, and decided to take him. Even though the puppy had oozing skin, mange and a horrific odor. All of the police at the station fell in love with Bruno. Even with his oozy skin, smell and sores, he was a character that was hard not to love. Bruno was sent to the police mans house in the patrol car and dropped off. They gave him breakfast, water and a place to sleep for the morning.

Once Bruno arrived at Aware he was quarantined. We suspected that he had mange or ringworm and didn’t want an epidemic on our hands. Bruno was sad alone, but it was for his own good. After going to the vet, Bruno was released from exile. He did have Mange but it was not contagious to other dogs. He had Demodectic mange, also known as ‘puppy mange’, which makes it sound cuter than it really is. This type of mange usually effects puppies with weak immune systems and can clear up rapidly once the dog gets some medicated baths and the correct diet.