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Visit Hound Heights!

The Shelter is open to the public every Sunday from 10am until 3pm, or by appointment. Come and visit!

The Shelter is located 800 metres south of the Pan-American Highway at Kilometre 40, close to the village of Sumpango. This is half-way between San Lucas and Chimaltenango, and is the junction with the road to Santo Domingo Xenacoj.

If you’re travelling by bus, it’s approximately a 45-minute ride from Antigua, and as of 2015 the journey costs 8 quetzales (about US$1.) From Antigua to San Lucas = Q5 and from San Lucas to Km 40 = Q3. Take any bus going from Antigua to Guatemala City and get off at the first gas station in San Lucas (the name of the stop is Entrada Santiago.) Cross the road and take any bus going to Chimaltenango. Ask the driver to let you off at Km 40 (Kilometro Cuarenta.) Cross the footbridge.

At the bottom of the footbridge follow the dirt road on your left. Keep going straight uphill for 800 metres of strenuous walking until you come to a green metal gate on your left. Go through the gate and continue up the lane until you get to another gate and the barking dogs. You have arrived!

Here’s a map for pedestrians, showing Km 40 and the dirt road heading uphill (south) to AWARE’s main entrance:

Map Oct 15 300dpi

(click on the map for larger image)

This is a road map of the local stretch of CA1, that includes Sumpango

ROAD map

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