Changes afoot at the AWARE website !

Even the richest animal welfare organizations must have their ups and downs. What to do? AWARE says enjoy the Ups and fix the Downs. Which is why you are looking at a new site in the early stages of transformation. Please bear with us!

It might take some time, and eventually this will be a dynamic and informative site that’s a pleasure to visit! So, all you AWARE people everywhere – all ideas and suggestions gratefully received (, as well as contributions: text, pictures, links, or personal stories from Hound Heights.

We will certainly need help to make this the Best Site In The Cosmos, and for starters we need Volunteer Translators, willing to turn our finely-crafted English into highly-polished (or at least comprehensible) Spanish. This will be an on-going need, as articles get updated and other posts added. If you are fluent in Spanish (preferably Guatemalan Spanish) as a native speaker with good English, or native English with excellent Spanish, please let us know ( in the first instance). We look forward to hearing from you!


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