Volunteers come and go

It’s always sad to see excellent volunteers leave. Natalie and Adam from Australia had only been with us 2 weeks but it seemed much longer. In this short time Adam transformed the place with his carpentry skills. Those of you who’ve been here before will be astonished to see the improvements to the Office, the Cottage, and the Quarantine Area. Meanwhile Natalie, a qualified veterinarian, teamed up with Anika in a much-needed health drive. There are a few animals here at Hound Heights who would not still be with us without their angelic ministrations.

Returning Guatemalan volunteer Walter showed up for a couple of days out of the blue like always, and with his grooming skills left several dogs looking much more comfortable and fit for Crufts. And while all this was going on Brett showed up, on his way back to the Frozen North from a wedding in Honduras! Apart from the ensuing laughter Brett – and all the dogs he took running – got some timely exercise.

Together with Nomadic Lily the English Lady (get well soon Lily!) who has been gracing us with her presence and cheering up the Clinic dogs for a while they made a terrific team and livened us up no end.

Walter left at the weekend and Brett, Adam and Natalie shipped out yesterday. We were very sad to see them go. If it wasn’t for Anika and David, and Lily, I’d be lost. Thank goodness for the animals!


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