Update From Hound Heights

A lot has been happening at the Shelter recently!

We would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful people who have volunteered or contributed to help us continue running the shelter and promote animal welfare.

We hosted a group of international students who came to volunteer. They were part of Teen Leadership Conference organized with the American School of Guatemala involving students from different schools throughout Central America. As part of the conference the students worked with local NGOs in Guatemala. One team visited the shelter to volunteer and see what we do. They then had to create a proposal for fundraising ideas and also a campaign to increase adoptions, that could be implemented here and also in their home countries as well. The presentation and solutions that they came up with were excellent!

It was a pleasure meet and share Animal AWAREs work and animal welfare message with young people from across Central America including Honduras, Costa Rica and Guatemala. Special thanks go to Scott Garrison and the American School of Guatemala for organizing such a great educational experience for all. We look forward to collaborating again in the future.

A group of volunteers from the US Embassy in Guatemala also came to the shelter. They brought donations of dog and cat food, treats and toys for the animals. With their help we managed to make an area of sand for Flicka as it’s the Rainy Season and her paddock can get very slippery and muddy. Everyone had a great time especially our puppies, dogs, cats and kittens who all got lots of attention.

Another great outcome; two of our beloved dogs, Mynor and Becky were adopted and are now happy at home with their new families. Thank you to Stacey at the US embassy who helped organize everything and also adopted Mynor now called Major.

Not forgetting our amazing vets Dr. Julio and Dr. Sonia and their team for volunteering their time and expertise for the monthly spay/neuter clinics. In the last two months, we have spayed and neutered 75 cats and dogs, both pets and street dogs. The clinics are always a success and we couldn’t do it without the hard work of the vets.We would also like to thank the lovely staff at Somos Hostel in Antigua for spreading the word about AWARE and sending us some great volunteers. We are always happy to meet new people willing to help!

Finally we would like to thank the SPCAI for their continued support of AWARE and our work. We recently received a donation from SPCAI including medical supplies and money for repairs in the shelter. This valuable help is greatly appreciated and came at a critical time as repairs and maintenance of pens is necessary especially in the Rainy Season.


There have been 11 dog and 5 cat adoptions over the last couple of months. That’s 16 of our shelter animals now enjoying family life in loving homes! It is heartwarming to see this positive trend and we all hope to see it continue with more of our incredible, deserving cats and dogs finding their loving home.



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