Supporting Animal Shelters: Canada to Costa Rica

In November this year, young Canadians Brody Watkins and Arianna Jordan embark on an epic fund-raising trip through Central America. They will be visiting as many animal shelters as they can fit in to their 2-month itinerary, and plan to spend some time at AWARE while they are in Guatemala. All monies they raise will go to support the cause of animal welfare in Central America.

“We would like people to be more informed about the animal welfare situation in Central America. Our goal is to get others involved and help make a difference. Many people don’t realize that all animals – including domestic animals – are treated very differently in Central America than in North America. 

Some people ask questions like “why not just help the animals where you are? There are lots of stray and injured animals in need here, too”. We are aware of the animal welfare situation in Canada, but we’re also aware that shelters in Canada (and North America in general) are normally provided with both greater funding and access to larger groups of volunteers and care workers. 

Even though people can donate directly through each of the shelters’ sites, they will have a more rewarding experience seeing what their donations do for each shelter. We will be posting regular updates (picture, video, and text) while on our trip to show everyone that even a small donation can help save an animals life.”   –   Brody Watkins

Here are the links to Brody and Arianna’s Facebook and GoFundMe pages:

Please support them generously!


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