Solai and the three muscateers.

This super cute family were brought to the shelter a few months ago. People were poisoning cats in the neighbourhood and a kind-hearted person brought Solai and her 3 one-month old kittens to the shelter for protection.


The kittens were feisty and adventurous. Despite their tiny size they were true explorers always playing and climbing in the crate. Mother Solai was a little more reserved and not keen on humans a little nervous and testy when anyone cleaned the cage. With the help of the volunteers and lots of affection and handling, all came round and started to enjoy attention and strokes even Solai.


Now they are looking for their new home. The little tiger stripe kitten has been adopted and is happy in her new home. Solai and the other two kittens brother and sister are still waiting to find their own forever home to explore and snuggle up in.


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