Beloved dog of Stewart Kantor and Patty Gallagher

Snug was one of the lucky ones. Bought as a puppy by a family in Guatemala who knew nothing about dogs (except that Snug was very cute), she was first ignored (no walks, no shots), then abandoned to the street when she started to grow. But things got better. She was rescued and brought to AWARE, and subsequently chosen by the Humane Society for a chance of finding a loving home in the States. She was adopted by Stewart in 2007 and never looked back.

Stewart subsequently adopted Beaker from AWARE as a companion for Snug, and has now adopted another AWARE dog, Samoa, as a companion for Beaker.

Snug left AWARE before Beaker arrived. And Beaker left AWARE before Samoa (and her 7 siblings) arrived. One of those strange coincidences that these three Guatemalan dogs should all arrive separately from the same place to live the good life in Stewart and Patty’s home in the USA.


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