Willa came to us with her brother, when they were a whole one month old, in April 2001. We brought her to the house when Piquito got adopted, thinking she was too young to be left to suffer loneliness. She is a very beautiful cat, though she wasn’t always as beautiful as she is now. […]


Jota and his wife Mercedes were driving through an underpass in Guatemala City one rainy afternoon. “Stop!” she yelled, and he did.   Crouched by the wall was a handsome black and white adult cat, presumably sheltering from the rain. Being cat-friendly people they had a travelling cage in the car, and the cat did […]

All the Way From Finland to Volunteer at Animal Aware

We don´t want to leave! That is the first sentence that comes into our mind. We love this place. Caring for the animals here is rewarding: Like Griffin, she was nice in the beginning but scared that we would be mean to her but now she is the most loving dog towards us. She comes […]

Chester and Hershey

CHESTER and HERSHEY They were in Police custody but they had done no wrong. No, but wrong had been done to them. They had been put in a bowl and abandoned on the street in Sumpango, AWARE’s local town. The sleek, black, slightly menacing patrol unit cruised through the front gate and rolled to a […]


Life is not easy, and frequently not the bowl of cherries that we hear about. Many people suffer, and many people give in to the temptation of bitterness as they age. This can be a good reason to have a companion animal: the more love we give the more love we receive is a simple […]

Lil’ Bub

Lil’ Bub was brought to us by a little girl – the daughter of the man who brings the hay for Flicka the chestnut mare. She got down from the truck and handed Xenii a small ball of fur. Apparently she found it behind a bale of hay, and no one wanted it, even though […]


When Meyer arrived at AWARE he was paralysed. He couldn’t even lift his head to drink. Someone had left this beautiful, young Chocolate Lab lying on the path by the Main Gate. The Vet’s diagnosis was of some kind of blow to the spine, probably not inflicted by a speeding vehicle – possibly by the […]

Sancho in California

Sancho, known as Zecke in Animal AWARE was abandoned as a puppy outside the shelter. We found him tied up to the gate one morning and he was extremely nervous. When we attempted to untie him he was so scared that he tried to bite us and to see such a little puppy so fragile […]

Don Carlos and Carlita

Well dog my cats! as Huckleberry Finn would say. This caring for animals business is beginning to rub off on the staff! Head farm-hand Don Carlos turned up one day, carrying this tiny bundle of fur under his jacket. On his way to work he heard a pitiful miaowing coming from a bush, and there […]


Risitas was rescued along with her 2 siblings from certain death on the streets of Guatemala City. We assume that the terrible wound across her face was made by a cruel blow from a machete. She was skillfully sewn back together by Dr. Hugo Sicán Pelén at Clinica El Arca, and her left eye returned […]

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