Bridget’s Last Escape

Bridget came to AWARE when she was a six-month-old, twenty pound cutie pie with a healing abscess on her face. The best her owners could do for her was to dump her outside one of Antigua’s vet clinics. The clinic drained and cleaned her abscess and we brought her to the Shelter. Pretty soon Bridget […]

Nikki´s Happy Ending

Nikki (originally called Mishanga) is a beautiful silver-grey tabby cat. She came to the shelter earlier this year, at two years old. She had been a family pet with a home but was surrendered to the shelter when the family could no longer afford to look after her. It’s a sad story but it was a choice between […]

Helping Hands

Recently we have been fortunate to have the help of several brilliant international volunteers, day volunteers from Antigua and Guatemala City, and also two groups of students from Antigua International School (AIS). The extra hands are so important in the Clinic and for providing that extra attention to the animals. The volunteers help greatly in […]


We didn’t weigh Cariñitono when he first arrived at Hound Heights because we weren’t sure our scales would be robust enough. Yes, the poor old guy was quite unbelievably overweight, maybe 100lbs, maybe more. He probably loved and worshipped his owner, who fed him a normal dog-food diet – plus everything he ate himself: cake, […]

Adoption delight at Hound Heights

Seeing a cat or dog find a family and happily go to their new loving home is one of my favourite parts of working at AWARE. The excited wagging tail or purrs and look of happiness when they connect with a person is beautiful. It is hard to say goodbye but at the same time, is […]

Solai and the three muscateers.

This super cute family were brought to the shelter a few months ago. People were poisoning cats in the neighbourhood and a kind-hearted person brought Solai and her 3 one-month old kittens to the shelter for protection. The kittens were feisty and adventurous. Despite their tiny size they were true explorers always playing and climbing […]

Fluffy charm..

Trinity is a super cute, super affectionate black kitten. Her coat is like gleaming black silk and fluffy to boot. It is a wonder why she hasn’t been swept up by someone already. If you are looking for a kitten that’s got it all plus wants nothing more than to cuddle up in your arms […]


  Tonya is a beautiful tortoiseshell cat who arrived at the shelter in 2012. She started out with a home, but unfortunately her owner – an old man in the local town – was thrown out of his house and unable to keep his cats. So Tonya and her siblings were brought to the shelter. The […]

Lisa – AWARE’s Resident Cuddle Queen

Guarding the Volunteers house, Lisa is our little hero and one of the most affectionate cats I have met. Every time someone enters the house, she has her crazy 5 minutes, running around, jumping up on top of the beds and scratching her claws. It is pure happiness that someone is there, able to pay […]

Catsby, A FLK+ Cat

One of the things that can be said about Catsby is that he’s extremely handsome. Named after the central character in F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1930s novelette The Great Gatsby, Catsby is also kind, calm, generous, dignified, and a true gentleman. On top of all that, Catsby is Feline Leukemia Positive. This means, among other things, […]

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