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Molly 🕊️

Molly’s adoption was unusual – at 8 years old, with a skin condition and a thyroid problem it was unlikely that she’d ever find a home, and would spend the rest of her life in a cage. Nevertheless, given her sweetness and nobility, it was easy to adopt her. Leaving the Shelter, she calmly sat […]

PATCHES March 2009 – May 2021

In 2009 I was introduced to Aware via another rescue I had worked with in the past. The plea for help touched my heart and I reached out to Aware regarding Patches. From there we worked together to bring Patches to me in Colorado. Patches finally made it in 2010. From there it was an […]


“Burtie was hit by a car and unable to use his back legs when Animal Aware took him in. I was there volunteering and he put his head on my lap and I fell in love with him and adopted him. He survived cancer, paralysis, and a bad infection because he was such a strong […]


Juno by Molly Timmerman I was a fourth year medical student doing an international medicine clerkship in Santa Cruz, Guatemala at a clinic providing healthcare to underserved populations in rural Guatemala. I was prepared to encounter human suffering and illness. I had not prepared myself, however, for the suffering and maltreatment of the thousands of […]


Beloved dog of Stewart Kantor and Patty Gallagher Snug was one of the lucky ones. Bought as a puppy by a family in Guatemala who knew nothing about dogs (except that Snug was very cute), she was first ignored (no walks, no shots), then abandoned to the street when she started to grow. But things […]


September 2015 – February 2017 Fostix was a handsome cat and a great and noble soul who lost his long fight with Tritrichonomas Foetus. We miss him.     how many tears can a person shed? cry me a river how many friends are going to end up dead? cry me a river   Cry […]


March 2003 – December 14th 2016 A Hound Heights dog with a story


1996 – 2011 Beloved dog of Carolyn Dailey Canela, Buddy’s mother, was Carolyn’s dog, and Carolyn assisted at Buddy’s birth. After that they were constant companions for nearly 15 years, sharing happiness and good times, and travelling together in an old Dodge van between Guatemala and the USA every summer. Companion and protector, Buddy will […]


Fondly remembered. The wonderful Minky, (an affectionate nickname originating not from the furry animal, but from the Pink Panther’s way of pronouncing ‘Monkey’), also known as Zorro, due to his mask-like coloring, and Captain Cuddles, owing to his super-hero status. He was a comfort to many and a friend to all.  A serious hunter, a […]

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