Supporting Animal Shelters: Canada to Costa Rica

In November this year, young Canadians Brody Watkins and Arianna Jordan embark on an epic fund-raising trip through Central America. They will be visiting as many animal shelters as they can fit in to their 2-month itinerary, and plan to spend some time at AWARE while they are in Guatemala. All monies they raise will go […]

My Husband

My husband can be a miserable old cuss. Boy, can that guy complain! “Do what you’re good at” he always says, and I’ve heard it so many times now that it isn’t quite so funny any more. Don’t get me wrong – I love him dearly. I just wish he didn’t have to be so […]

Growing Up

Everyone’s impatient to grow up and discover the secrets, pleasures and powers that we think maturity has in store for us. And maybe dogs are the same. We share our house with 25 dogs – can you imagine that? So we have a stout wooden barrier between the large front room – where the dogs […]

Volunteers come and go

It’s always sad to see excellent volunteers leave. Natalie and Adam from Australia had only been with us 2 weeks but it seemed much longer. In this short time Adam transformed the place with his carpentry skills. Those of you who’ve been here before will be astonished to see the improvements to the Office, the […]

Changes afoot at the AWARE website !

Even the richest animal welfare organizations must have their ups and downs. What to do? AWARE says enjoy the Ups and fix the Downs. Which is why you are looking at a new site in the early stages of transformation. Please bear with us! It might take some time, and eventually this will be a […]

TapSnap Partners with Animal AWARE for “Take Me Home” Pet Adoption Drive

TapSnap partnered with Animal AWARE to raise awareness of the organization’s work in eliminating animal abuse, as well as providing care and finding homes for abandoned and abused pets. Animal AWARE is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala; it is the largest canine and feline shelter in Central America and is completely funded by donations […]

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