Molly 🕊️

Molly’s adoption was unusual – at 8 years old, with a skin condition and a thyroid problem it was unlikely that she’d ever find a home, and would spend the rest of her life in a cage. Nevertheless, given her sweetness and nobility, it was easy to adopt her. Leaving the Shelter, she calmly sat […]


Monday, March 22, 2021 was a difficult day for me. I had been on cloud nine for 4 months inanticipation of having a baby. Everything changed on that fateful day as I had a miscarriage andlost the baby. I immediately went into a downward emotional spiral and started to suffer fromdepression. I decided to try […]


They came, they rolled up their sleeves, they performed miracles. The Incredible Marni Hills has done it again. Twice! AWARE recently hosted two yes two groups of intrepid Groomers from the US and Canada working for her new 501(c)(3) nonprofit, Groom for Good.  Marni and her groom teams were unleashed on scores of dogs at […]

Otis the Blue-Eyed Boy

Otis is the only dog I have ever rescued on my own. One afternoon I was walking up the road from the bus stop to the Shelter, and was in sight of the main gate when I noticed this small black puppy trotting up the road in front of me. He was alone, no owner […]

Horses less valuable than dogs?

One of the workers told Xenii about a horse he’d seen on his way to the Shelter. The horse had something wrong with his leg – but was still working, carrying a load of firewood bravely up the hill, though obviously having trouble and probably in a lot of pain. The worker said he knew […]

Thank You for Giving!

We want to thank everyone who gave on GivingTuesday and supported us. We are delighted to announce that thanks to everyone who took part in our #GivingTuesday campaign and joined the global good will movement we raised $1,380. Though we did not quite reach our goal it is still a great start! We are excited to now put our […]

Better Living Quarters for the Dogs

World Animal Day Funds Improve Dog Pens! Thanks to all the generous donations we received for our World Animal day campaign on Causevox and at the Event, we were able to buy the materials to repair the dog pens.  The walls between pens have started going up, replacing the fencing so the dogs are more […]

Update From Hound Heights

A lot has been happening at the Shelter recently! We would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful people who have volunteered or contributed to help us continue running the shelter and promote animal welfare. We hosted a group of international students who came to volunteer. They were part of Teen Leadership Conference organized with […]

Summer Newsletter APPEAL + SHELTER US

AWARE is currently looking for a General Manager for the Shelter (fluency in English and Spanish essential), a Full-Time Vet, and also for people willing to undertake some serious voluntary fund-raising operations: ‘200 People Donating $10 per Month’ to help cover the food bill, for example. AWARE also needs help with an unusual fund-raising opportunity: […]

Spring Newsletter 2016

Thank you for coming all the way to the AWARE website, again! Just click on the link below to read or download the Newsletter. Before you do, sign up for future Newsletters – the SIGN UP button is here, just to the right, and just above the DONATE button. That way future newsletters will be delivered straight to your […]

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