Sancho in California

Sancho, known as Zecke in Animal AWARE was abandoned as a puppy outside the shelter. We found him tied up to the gate one morning and he was extremely nervous. When we attempted to untie him he was so scared that he tried to bite us and to see such a little puppy so fragile pulled at our heart strings.

We took him straight to the Animal AWARE clinic where we carried out several checkups and it turned out that he had a skin problem. We took care of him for almost 2 months until he was ready to be re-homed and in no time he was on his way to California in search of a new family.

It didn’t take long until a possible home for Zecke was found and thankful it couldn’t have been better. Zecke was renamed Sancho by his new owners and he is now an important member of a family, they love him dearly! They take him to run along the beaches of California and they appreciate him, so much so that Sancho even has his own Facebook Page:

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