Risitas was rescued along with her 2 siblings from certain death on the streets of Guatemala City. We assume that the terrible wound across her face was made by a cruel blow from a machete. She was skillfully sewn back together by Dr. Hugo Sicán Pelén at Clinica El Arca, and her left eye returned to its socket. One result of surgery has been a sort of face-lift, leaving her with a permanent smile – hence her name. Her two brothers were adopted very quickly, but we think that Risitas is twice as cute as either of them.

And so did Cristiana. Risitas is now living in the lap of luxury in Neuilly – the most select quarter of Paris, France – after a young Italian woman travelling in Guatemala fell in love with her, even returning to Guatemala from Europe to accompany Risitas on her journey. Now Risitas strolls regally through the Bois de Vincennes in her tailor-made red coat, and spends Christmas in the family Palazio in Italy, travelling by train in a private compartment. Along with her ‘smile’ left by facial surgery, Risitas now sports a real smile of contentment!


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