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We thought it would be a nice idea to share some animal-related sites we have visited and enjoyed. If you have favourites of your own, let us know and we’ll add them, we always welcome contributions from animal-loving readers.

You’ll notice that quite a few of these links are from a fantastic site called Pet360 – a veritable goldmine of information about pets of all kinds. So first of all here’s a list of a few of our main sites:     – for medical info of all kinds about your pet     – animal-related stories, info, articles, topics, shopping     – cute pictures, fun, free kibble for homeless animals!

In view of the current calamitous situation in California, it seemed an appropriate time to include this contribution by Dan Patrick. The article explains how a pet owner can ensure the safety of their pet in an evacuation situation such as a natural disaster. It covers how to prepare your pet for a disaster situation, what supplies your pet will need if living in the wild, and basic health and safety to ensure the well-being of your pet in the absence of proper veterinary care. It’s a very thorough article and contains a welter of information on every relevant topic imaginable. The one aspect that we at AWARE would stress more than anything is to STAY CALM – fundamentally the best way to help both yourself and your pet. Thank you Dan for this very well-researched article and useful.

CATS! CATS! CATS! Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about those fascinating felines! Here is a list of links from AWARE contributor Hazel Harred, providing very comprehensive and detailed information about every aspect of cats and their care, including how to turn your apartment into a cat paradise.– online community for cat lovers – large list of cat care resources – advice for cat owners living in an apartment – purrfect DIY projects for cat owners

Also from Hazel, here’s a link to an excellent source of information for any animal (and that’s any animal – not just cats) needing to use the human travel network: – worldwide travel resource for pets

Thank you Hazel for this tremendous fund of very comprehensive knowledge.

On the subject of travelling with your pet, here’s a link to a very clear and thorough guide to travelling by all conventional means with your pet. While the article is specifically about travelling outward bound from the USA to other countries, much of the information is of a more general nature, to ensure your pet will be as comfortable and relaxed as possible during the journey. Thank you very much Brittany Danielle for this very nice article. 

Here are two links to nicely presented and interesting animal-related articles which appear on the website of a UK insurance company. We’re posting them here despite the advertising because it’s good and  useful information (though partly UK-specific).

Adopting and Caring for Rescue Animals. This is a terrific resource for anyone thinking of taking an animal into their home. The information comes from the UK, so obviously some of it – for example the sections that deal with animal shelters – does not apply to shelters in Guatemala (and probably other less wealthy countries). You’ll find Guatemala-specific info elsewhere on the AWARE site. Meanwhile this clear and comprehensive guide will give you plenty to think about.

Benefits for children of pets in the home. Another clear and comprehensive article, especially regarding children with emotional problems.

Many thanks to Carrie Wright for this excellent and thought-provoking article about the often unrecognised threats to your pet’s health from your own lifestyle and the products you use in your home. (Smokers beware!  – here’s another compelling reason to ditch your dangerous habit.)

A big Thank-You to Marissa Krick for this link to an excellent resource for people helping those struggling with addiction. If you thought that animals couldn’t do much except lie around your house and keep you company, read this and think again!

Another good introduction to the benefits that animals bring to our lives, especially those of us needing emotional support and/or recovering from a form of addiction comes from Sabrina Williams at Laguna Shores Recovery. Thank you Sabrina for your interesting contribution.

With thanks to Julia Dunlap of, here is a link to an excellent summary of information for people needing to fly with their animals:

The article is very thorough and informative, but is primarily about people travelling to or from the USA. If you have details about flying with animals elsewhere in the world, please let us know so we can make this section more comprehensive.

Thanks to Sarah P for the link to this nice article about how to help your pet adjust as smoothly as possible to the already stressful process of moving house.

The Pet Cost Calculator is a great resource for anyone in the USA thinking of having a pet in their home and wondering about the cost. The calculator includes both primary expenses – such as relative purchase prices of different breeds of dog, and hidden costs, like toys for your pet, or professional grooming. With many thanks to Dana Matocinos.

And here are a number of general assistance resources for pets and Service Dogs, with many thanks to Meagan Clark, a member of ForeverCurious – a group of educators and librarians – who visited this page, found it useful, and wanted to share some interesting results of her own research. Thank you, Meagan!

Assistance Dog Resources

Emergency Planning for Pets

Shopping Green for Your Pet

Keeping Spot Safe: Pet Safety in the Home

Foster a Service Dog

Help with Vet Bills

VA Benefits for Service Dogs

And here are some general interest, curious and humorous pages that you might find useful or simply entertaining.

Cats of war

Some exceptional cats throughout history

have assisted in humans’ communal endeavours

– even warfare

Agility training

agility training2

How magnificent they look!

Your cat loves you

your cat loves you     25 ways to know

that your cat

really does love you

your dog loves you too… and of course your dog loves you too!

Animal fashion

animal fashion

So many uses

to which animals

are put

Facts about bats


No need for fear

Black dogs


Some beautiful dogs

Running of the Chihuahuas


Nothing like a Chihuahua

Chocolate toxicity meter


Everybody loves chocolate,

but it is NOT GOOD

for your dog

Do you eat chicken?


If you don’t want to be vegetarian

don’t read this

Lilica – video


An astonishing story of

canine altruism

Military dogs

military dogs

A short article about adopting ex-military dogs in the US, with some links to a number of websites about military dogs

Senior dogs

senior dogs

Common health problems

of older dogs

Pets and gardens


You enjoy gardening

and your dog does, too.

An excellent Podcast

Strange things swallowed


Will dogs eat anything?

First dogs in the Americas

dog remains

Who came first?

What is your dog thinking?

Boston terrier in the snow

Mental processes –

fraught with controversy

Depressed dogs

depressed dogs

It’s not easy being a

household pet in this

day and age

First Dog on the Moon

first dog on the moon

Cartoon fun

from Australia

The fears of dogs


Everyone has feelings,

and your dog is

no exception

Understanding your Rescue Dog’s behaviour


Only your dog knows

what her life was like

before she was rescued

Funny Animal Videos


If you like animals and enjoy a laugh –

this is for you!

British teenagers visit Guatemala

Street children in Guate

There are shocking differences between the lives

of children born in different places.

These pictures give you a glimpse into the lives

of those less privileged. No wonder countries like Guatemala need projects like AWARE.

A great idea – dog-walking services!

In participating areas of USA, WAG connects owners with local certified dog-walkers. Check out their website here:


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