Dr Linares’ daughter was horrified to see the minibus hit the cat. This was in Jocotenango – a suburb of Antigua – where traffic is congested and moves in fits and starts. Rosa Maria was out of her car in a flash. “Didn’t you see that cat?” she exclaimed to the minibus driver’s  astonishment. “Or did you hit him deliberately?” This is a family website so we can’t repeat the minibus driver’s reply, but Rosa Maria carefully picked up the small, white-footed black cat from the road, and carried him tenderly back to her car. He was trembling.

Maybe he didn’t know how fortunate he was. Not only was there an animal-lover driving by just as he had his near-fatal road accident, but the animal-lover just happened to be the daughter of one of Antigua’s  finest veterinarians. Maybe Prior (for that is the cat’s new name) wouldn’t be walking now if Rosa Maria hadn’t sped back to her father’s surgery.

But walking he is, taking the days with a purr and looking good. The family wanted to keep him, but the Linares family cats would have none of it, so as soon as Prior was fit to travel he came to AWARE. Now he’s adjusting to life in the Cat House and waiting for that special human to recognise his superior cat qualities and take him home. He might have only 8 lives left, so let’s make them as rich and comfortable as he deserves!

AWARE is open for adoptions on Saturdays and Sundays between 10am and 3pm. Or you can in the first instance email Xenii ( or India (, or call Xenii on (+502) 5401 3148.


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