PATCHES March 2009 – May 2021

In 2009 I was introduced to Aware via another rescue I had worked with in the past. The plea for help touched my heart and I reached out to Aware regarding Patches. From there we worked together to bring Patches to me in Colorado. Patches finally made it in 2010. From there it was an uphill battle to figure out why Patches was so sick. Ultimately it came to be that he had TVT in his nose. Patches bravely endured 10 rounds of chemotherapy multiple minor surgical procedures to his nose and hours of car rides to visit his cancer team. Patches was always so brave. 

Over the years Patches became known as Uncle Patches to many litters of rescue puppies, he would snuggle and protect them, let them climb on him, they played with him, pulled as his tail and ears – Patches always played gently.  When he had enough he corrected the puppies and they learned that Uncle Patches was tired so they would lay down and snuggle with him. Patches was an amazing dog and I have been so blessed to have him as a part of my family for the last 11 years.

Sadly Patches collapsed on May 6th, he was rushed to the emergency vets, upon arrival he took his last breath. The emergency team tried to revive him but to no avail, Patches had crossed the rainbow Bridge to be with his brothers and sister. It was found that Patches had a large tumor on his spleen and liver that had ruptured. Cancer had taken yet another life.

I want to thank everyone who trusted in me to give Patches a good life and to share with you a few pictures of Patches. He was such a good boy and I am so grateful that I had been chosen to give him a good life. 
This is so hard to write and my heart breaks knowing that Patches is gone. I miss him dearly, but I have lots of fun memories with him. He was a goofy boy who always wanted attention or massages. I will miss him forever.

Roxanne Green, Colorado


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