Nikki´s Happy Ending

Nikki (originally called Mishanga) is a beautiful silver-grey tabby cat. She came to the shelter earlier this year, at two years old. She had been a family pet with a home but was surrendered to the shelter when the family could no longer afford to look after her. It’s a sad story but it was a choice between the Shelter or being abandoned on the street and of course AWARE took her in.


The shelter can be a stressful environment for cats especially to begin with. To go from the comforts of a familiar home to a totally new, loud environment with dogs barking and unknown smells is a harsh reality to adjust to. Understandably Nikki was very stressed and nervous. She was very shy, and frightened. It took a lot of time and coaxing to get her comfortable. Though scared she was obviously a sweet-natured cat. Eventually, after plenty of loving attention she gained more trust and we could take her out of the crate and groom her. Spending time holding, grooming and comforting her everyday she relaxed and became such a sweet affectionate cat. She was still not happy at the Shelter though.


Fortunately one weekend Adriana came to the Shelter looking to adopt a cat. A sweet, affectionate cat… This was Nikki’s chance! We introduced the two and it was a match made in heaven. Nikki let Adriana pick her up and she sat calm and happy in her arms not even trying to get away. The connection was obvious from the start and Nikki is now happily settled into her life at home. She has toys a-plenty and the two are still ecstatic about each other. Nikki loves treats and is more of a dog-type cat, greeting Adriana and guests and riding co-pilot in the car. We love to get updates on our adopted animals. It’s wonderful to see them in their homes and hear how much love and happiness they give their owners.

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