Monthly Spay/Neuter Clinics

All this rescuing and nursing is great and very gratifying for all concerned, but when will it put a stop to cruelty to animals, and reduce pet over-population to a nice round zero?

AWARE continues the search for the wise benefactor who will help us create Guatemala’s first Humane Education Centre – and if you know this person, please put them in touch with us as soon as possible.

Meanwhile, one Sunday per month, AWARE organises affordable spay/neuter clinics for the dogs and cats (and sometimes rabbits) of local people. We’ve been doing this now for 15 years, and where is the mathematically endowed person to calculate the hundreds of thousands of animals these clinics have spared from suffering, starvation, abuse and rejection? Maybe someone will also explain to me how come Humans are able routinely to tolerate and practise this inhumanity.

Fifteen years ago we frequently had to describe what a spay or neuter operation entailed – although the women especially very quickly understood the benefits of control over reproduction. Now the word is out, and we still have not had to advertise our Sunday jornadas. Come 7am the queue at the gate is building, and the Clinic staff have been known to tie the last suture as dusk falls outside.

This is a long way from an enlightened population who treat all animals including each other plus planet Earth herself with respect and dignity. But the wise benefactor is out there somewhere – and meanwhile people are learning a healthier concern for their animals’ well-being.


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