Fondly remembered.

The wonderful Minky, (an affectionate nickname originating not from the furry animal, but from the Pink Panther’s way of pronouncing ‘Monkey’), also known as Zorro, due to his mask-like coloring, and Captain Cuddles, owing to his super-hero status. He was a comfort to many and a friend to all. 

A serious hunter, a playful soul, and a top class lounger, stretching and relaxing his furry body into many shapes and angles. 

His eyes often held a wonderful and enigmatic stare, part disdain, part affection, part playful, part vacant.  He enjoyed foraging for treats from left over take aways on the streets of his Hackney home, whether with or without chilli sauce.  Such excesses may have led him to an early end, however he enjoyed his days to the last, and passed away peacefully in 2012.


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