Lisa – AWARE’s Resident Cuddle Queen

Guarding the Volunteers house, Lisa is our little hero and one of the most affectionate cats I have met. Every time someone enters the house, she has her crazy 5 minutes, running around, jumping up on top of the beds and scratching her claws. It is pure happiness that someone is there, able to pay attention to her. All she wants is cuddles and love. As soon as you sit down, she climbs up on your lap, makes herself comfortable – even if that means that you have to hold her to keep her from rolling off – and is ready to be pet.

Stroking the top of her head is like heaven for her. She starts purring and might even fall into a light sleep.   At night, when she is not catching mice, she loves to crawl into the volunteers sleeping bag, if she won´t be let in, she just rolls up on top of your feet and stays there till you get up.


She is a sweetheart and loves every new volunteer, as long as they give her cuddles!


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