Lil’ Bub

Lil’ Bub was brought to us by a little girl – the daughter of the man who brings the hay for Flicka the chestnut mare. She got down from the truck and handed Xenii a small ball of fur. Apparently she found it behind a bale of hay, and no one wanted it, even though Lil’ Bub is as cute as can be, with her great big eyes, her cheeky grin, and her riotous black and white fur sprouting in every direction. It looks like she’s going to grow up small, and if it wasn’t for the deformity she’d be a sure-fire adoption favourite. With her problem, though, Xenii has brought her to live in the house.

She must have had rickets as a baby – she keeps her front feet in a permanent ballet First Position. Not that it slows her down, and she is one tough cookie. But we think she’ll prefer the quieter life upstairs with the other three Resident Cats.

Sure enough, first day here she found her perfect spot – on top of a pile of dirty laundry, in the middle of a particularly generous splash of sun beams. Do not disturb! This cat has a growl straight from the cradle of the world, and she’s not afraid to use it!

Where do they dig up these names? If you’re a fan of Jackson Galaxy you will know where we got this one, with many thanks. And if you haven’t heard of the Jackson Galaxy Foundation and their amazing work on behalf of cats, follow this link to discover a new world.


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