That crazy, brown, fluffy thing in the grass?

Oh, that’s me!




Well, of course I’m not actually crazy, I just love to play a lot. One day I got so caught up playing

with my friends on the street that I didn’t notice a car was coming.

Guess what happened??

Yup, the car hit me! But no worries, the car didn’t suffer any damage so there was no need

for the insurance company to get involved!

Oh you’re wondering what happened to me?

Well, a friendly person saw the accident, picked me up and brought me to A.W.A.R.E.

Besides being a bit shocked, I was perfectly fine. The nice people at A.W.A.R.E. gave me a nice bed

in the Clinic to get some rest. A few days later a car was waiting for me, but this time I was going

to ride inside it rather than running into it.

Off we went to the vet and back – a ride I don’t remember much about, I must have fallen asleep.

But ever since I have this strange scar on my belly.

Here at A.W.A.R.E. I get along with all people and dogs, that’s because I’m really social.

And guess what I love to do most? Play, play,play and play!! Unfortunately there are so many

dogs on holiday here that my playing time is limited, and when I don’t get enough attention

I do like to make noise!

I would be the perfect dog for an owner who likes to play with me and give me enough attention

or who has other dogs who I can play with. Of course I also like my beautiful fur to be brushed

once in a while. Apart from that I’m really not demanding at all. Could you give me the

warm and loving home I’m longing for?

As told to Kevin De Dobbeleer



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