Internet Signal Affected By Weather

We discovered yesterday that the lack of rain is due to El Niño. This is the Rainy Season in Guatemala, when a year’s worth of rain comes in 6 months, while the other half of the year is dry, but dry. Last year the rain was very sporadic, and so far this year it’s worse. The farmers are worrying about their crops, and we are worrying about the water table. The water for the Shelter comes from a very deep well, and we have no idea what’s down there. A river? A lake? If it’s a lake, how big is it? Is it getting smaller? Does a normal Rainy Season top it up every year? My husband refuses to go down there and check things out. I told him he could take a flashlight, but he still refuses. Anyway we actually did have some real rain for a couple of days last week. General relief and rejoicing. And when I say real rain I mean REAL RAIN! Some people probably complained that it was too much water all at once. Here we complain about the Internet signal, which is pathetic, at best. Apparently we could launch our own satellite and get a better signal, but until you folk start making some serious donations we’re stuck with what we’ve got. Which is slow. So please bear with us. Even answering e-mails takes much longer than it should, so please don’t fidget! Keep those Volunteer Applications coming! It might take a few days to respond, but we WILL get around to it – whatever the weather!


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