Life is not easy, and frequently not the bowl of cherries that we hear about. Many people suffer, and many people give in to the temptation of bitterness as they age. This can be a good reason to have a companion animal: the more love we give the more love we receive is a simple equation that is always true. Taking an animal into one’s home as a dumb victim on whom to vent one’s frustration and anger, though, has to be one of the worst and saddest ideas a person can have.

The cries and howls and sounds of violence must finally have become too much for the neighbours. They found Inga via social media, she offered a temporary home, and being proactive folk simply kidnapped the dog and took him to Inga. Inga found AWARE, thank goodness, let it be said, and we are privileged to be able to help.

Ingemar is a Sharpei mix and about eight years old. He’s been with us a week now and has prescribed himself a sleep cure. He needs it – along with the regular meals that he was not getting from his original owner. He is missing one eye, almost certainly a result of the abuse he suffered, and is blind in his other. He’s had a very tough time, yet he’s as sweet as can be. A truly noble being.

You may already have guessed it, but just in case – inspired by his rescuer we named him for Ingemar Johansson, the indomitable Swedish world champion heavyweight boxer from the 1950s.


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