How to help AWARE


Just knowing that there are people out there sending us positive (and pawsitive) thoughts is a great source of strength for us, both when the going gets tough, and when the sun is shining on a calm and pleasant day.

To those of you who want more involvement we also offer four standard possibilities: DONATEADOPTSPONSORVOLUNTEER. All provide their own special satisfactions and rewards, and to find out more, simply click on the links. Here is a brief summary of each option:

DONATE: Every little helps, and a lot goes a long way. All AWARE administrative staff are volunteers, so 100% of your donation goes to help the animals. Be generous! Go down in History! Help us become sustainable.

ADOPT: It’s expensive, but perfectly possible for the dog or cat you adopt from AWARE to be flown to destinations worldwide. We have a lot of experience organising this. We are not yet able to keep a complete and up-to-date list of available dogs and cats, but the Facebook pages Animal Aware Guatemala, and – for Spanish speakers – Aware Adopciones, have a good selection.

SPONSOR: The obvious choice for those unable to adopt. Find your far-away furry friend on Facebook Animal Aware Guatemala or Aware Adopciones.

VOLUNTEER: You will get dirty (especially in the Rainy Season – May to October)! You may feel slightly inebriated from the altitude and the fresh air. And you will have a wonderful time and take home indelible memories and a terrific sense of satisfaction. If you can, do!


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