Helping Hands

Recently we have been fortunate to have the help of several brilliant international volunteers, day volunteers from Antigua and Guatemala City, and also two groups of students from Antigua International School (AIS).


Peggy and Nattaly (who is excited to be adopted and reunited with her favourite volunteer in Canada)

The extra hands are so important in the Clinic and for providing that extra attention to the animals. The volunteers help greatly in the day to day running of the shelter and also enable us to carry out extra tasks such as bathing and grooming more dogs, longer outings for the higher energy dogs, more attention and socialisation for the cats and basic training for the young puppies.



An and Dajo with Vikingo, Blue Jay, Zanzibar and Blym


It was a pleasure to host the students from AIS, show them the shelter and what we do. Both groups were engaged and very helpful. They walked dogs, socialised with the cats and also made 50 dog beds for our older dogs. The animals really appreciated the extra attention and the dogs are more comfortable and cosier with their beds thanks to the students’ efforts. We hope to work with AIS and other schools more in the future, to promote education and share the importance of animal welfare and adopting rather than buying. It is so great to see the students interacting with the animals and getting excited about helping them. The days were were a great success, and all had fun.

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We want to extend a huge THANK YOU to our past and present volunteers. Your time and effort is greatly appreciated by all but especially the animals. By volunteering and offering your time and attention you really do make a difference in the quality of life here for the animals and no doubt you will come away with some new friendships.

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