September 2015 – February 2017

Fostix was a handsome cat and a great and noble soul who lost his long fight with Tritrichonomas Foetus.

We miss him.



how many tears can a person shed?

cry me a river

how many friends are going to end up dead?

cry me a river


Cry me a river that sparkles in the sun

on whose banks the departed run

Cry me a river that washes my soul

that purifies my heart, that makes me whole


how many friends can a person lose?

cry me a river

glad for them, or sad for me –

it’s the way it is, I have to choose

cry me a river


Cry Me A River is the title of a song written by Arthur Hamilton, and made famous by Ella Fitzgerald. This poem is by Martin Leadbitter, who is grateful for such a powerful lyric.


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