TapSnap Partners with Animal AWARE for “Take Me Home” Pet Adoption Drive

TapSnap partnered with Animal AWARE to raise awareness of the organization’s work in eliminating animal abuse, as well as providing care and finding homes for abandoned and abused pets. Animal AWARE is a non-profit organization based in Guatemala; it is the largest canine and feline shelter in Central America and is completely funded by donations […]

Sancho in California

Sancho, known as Zecke in Animal AWARE was abandoned as a puppy outside the shelter. We found him tied up to the gate one morning and he was extremely nervous. When we attempted to untie him he was so scared that he tried to bite us and to see such a little puppy so fragile […]

Don Carlos and Carlita

Well dog my cats! as Huckleberry Finn would say. This caring for animals business is beginning to rub off on the staff! Head farm-hand Don Carlos turned up one day, carrying this tiny bundle of fur under his jacket. On his way to work he heard a pitiful miaowing coming from a bush, and there […]


Risitas was rescued along with her 2 siblings from certain death on the streets of Guatemala City. We assume that the terrible wound across her face was made by a cruel blow from a machete. She was skillfully sewn back together by Dr. Hugo Sicán Pelén at Clinica El Arca, and her left eye returned […]


Delfin is a battler, a bruiser, and an incredible survivor. He was found on the mean streets of Guatemala City with a terrible gash the length of one hind leg. He never told us whether he got it from another cat, from a dog, a traffic accident, or human cruelty. Either way, he could barely […]


What must it be like for a dog to meet and bond with a Human, then to lose that Human, to have to adapt to life in an animal shelter, to one day be subjected to a massive upheaval of its routine and fly in a roaring machine over unknowably vast distances, and to find […]

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