“ That crazy, brown, fluffy thing in the grass? Oh, that’s me!   JUNIA   Well, of course I’m not actually crazy, I just love to play a lot. One day I got so caught up playing with my friends on the street that I didn’t notice a car was coming. Guess what happened?? Yup, the […]


VOLUNTEER GROOMING AT ANIMAL AWARE By Marni Hills   “Saving just one dog won’t change the world, but it surely will change the world for that one dog.” – Richard C. Call, Philanthropist, Community Leader Chi Chi Rodriquez poses with his new donated collar   DO YOU YEARN FOR ADVENTURE? Do you wish you could […]


Beloved dog of Stewart Kantor and Patty Gallagher Snug was one of the lucky ones. Bought as a puppy by a family in Guatemala who knew nothing about dogs (except that Snug was very cute), she was first ignored (no walks, no shots), then abandoned to the street when she started to grow. But things […]

Otis the Blue-Eyed Boy

Otis is the only dog I have ever rescued on my own. One afternoon I was walking up the road from the bus stop to the Shelter, and was in sight of the main gate when I noticed this small black puppy trotting up the road in front of me. He was alone, no owner […]

Horses less valuable than dogs?

One of the workers told Xenii about a horse he’d seen on his way to the Shelter. The horse had something wrong with his leg – but was still working, carrying a load of firewood bravely up the hill, though obviously having trouble and probably in a lot of pain. The worker said he knew […]

How to help AWARE

HOW TO HELP AWARE Just knowing that there are people out there sending us positive (and pawsitive) thoughts is a great source of strength for us, both when the going gets tough, and when the sun is shining on a calm and pleasant day. To those of you who want more involvement we also offer […]

Kevin Venter, Volunteer

My time at the dog and cat shelter, for the past two weeks has taught me Patience, Hope and Will-Power. Animal Aware caters for around 350 dogs and 60 cats and it is expanding as I am writing this. In my two weeks as a Volunteer, AWARE took in 5 dogs and 2 cats. Only […]

Amor al primer abrazo

Fue amor al primer abrazo.  Quizás las dos necesitaban abrazos. Realmente Nataly los necesitaba después de ser abandonada en la calle habiendo tenido un hogar donde se sentía segura.  AWARE recibe estos emails todo el tiempo: “A esta pobre perra sus dueños la sacaron a la calle.  Es muy dulce. No la podemos dejar allí.  […]


September 2015 – February 2017 Fostix was a handsome cat and a great and noble soul who lost his long fight with Tritrichonomas Foetus. We miss him.     how many tears can a person shed? cry me a river how many friends are going to end up dead? cry me a river   Cry […]


Dr Linares’ daughter was horrified to see the minibus hit the cat. This was in Jocotenango – a suburb of Antigua – where traffic is congested and moves in fits and starts. Rosa Maria was out of her car in a flash. “Didn’t you see that cat?” she exclaimed to the minibus driver’s  astonishment. “Or […]

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