Donate now and make a huge difference

We need your help to put a stop to the suffering of dogs and cats in Guatemala!
A little money goes a long way!

For example:

• US$100.00 makes a pen for 4 dogs, or spays 5 (female) animals.
• US$50 pays the salary of one dog walker for a week.
• US$40 provides 2 multiple vaccinations.
• US$10 vaccinates a new arrival.

25 years support our commitment with homeless dogs and cats in Guatemala

Here are some photos of animals who, thanks to Animal AWARE, have left behind their tribulations and found happiness in proper homes.

And check this video:

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*Animal AWARE is a registered non-profit organization in Guatemala, and a 501(c)3 not-for-profit corporation in the USA. Donations from the USA are 100% tax deductible.