Don Carlos and Carlita

Well dog my cats! as Huckleberry Finn would say. This caring for animals business is beginning to rub off on the staff! Head farm-hand Don Carlos turned up one day, carrying this tiny bundle of fur under his jacket. On his way to work he heard a pitiful miaowing coming from a bush, and there was Carlita, looking appealing and asking to be rescued. How did she get there? Where did she come from? More questions that will remain unanswered until we learn to communicate more explicitly with these animals. One can only speculate that she had been left to fend for herself by some human who already has too many mouths to feed in the house. Or did she just wander off too far, and got herself lost? In any case, she fit right in with the other residents of the Cathouse. She seemed very happy, and none the worse for having been lost.

It’s very gratifying to us to see a change in attitude taking place with someone who has lived their entire life without ever entertaining the notion that an animal might need or deserve any kind of respect, consideration, or care. It is encouraging to think that such an attitude can be changed, and one can only assume that Don Carlos has come to the conclusion that what we are doing here at Hound Heights is understandable and worthwhile. We hope he will in turn encourage his children to treat animals with respect, and thus spread a concern for animal welfare even further. He can certainly be proud of having rescued Carlita, and I am sure she is very grateful to him. After all – she not only owes him her life now, but is also sharing his name!


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