Chester and Hershey


They were in Police custody but they had done no wrong. No, but wrong had been done to them. They had been put in a bowl and abandoned on the street in Sumpango, AWARE’s local town.

The sleek, black, slightly menacing patrol unit cruised through the front gate and rolled to a stop in the middle of the path. Were there less staff around than there had been a moment before? The doors opened and three burly officers stepped down, one of them carrying a bowl.

Word has got through, and whatever else their reputation might say about them, many of these officers are perfectly willing  to pick up an abandoned or injured dog and bring them to AWARE. This has been going on for some years, and even the neighbours have got used to it. At first we’d receive anxious calls. “Saw you got another visit from the police. Everything all right?” Not any more.

Bowl? Two puppies in a plastic kitchen bowl? Who’s going to give away a perfectly good bowl? Puppies, yes, but a bowl? Sounds kind of odd to me. Be all that as it may, Chester and Hershey do indeed have a lovely blue bowl which they adore, and roll around in it to their hearts’ content. But soon they’re going to outgrow it. Adopt them while you can!


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