Better Living Quarters for the Dogs

World Animal Day Funds Improve Dog Pens!

Thanks to all the generous donations we received for our World Animal day campaign on Causevox and at the Event, we were able to buy the materials to repair the dog pens.  The walls between pens have started going up, replacing the fencing so the dogs are more secure and there is less chance of issues between neighbours.


There is still work to do, we plan to get all the walls finished then replace the old doors with new ones with 2 way hinges and also ideally we would like to concrete the floors.  The walls are just the first step; it is exciting to see the start of this renovation, which will have such a positive effect on the dogs living arrangements. This important maintenance work is vital to improve the original pens that are suffered from wear and tear and weather over the years.

None of this would be possible without the kind support of everyone who donated. We are incredibly grateful to everyone who got involved and supported AWARE. Stay tuned for photos as the work progresses. Once again from the staff, volunteers and animals here at the shelter THANK YOU for making the difference.


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