All the Way From Finland to Volunteer at Animal Aware

We don´t want to leave!

That is the first sentence that comes into our mind. We love this place. Caring for the animals here is rewarding: Like Griffin, she was nice in the beginning but scared that we would be mean to her but now she is the most loving dog towards us. She comes running to us every time she sees us, jumps up and wants to be cuddled.

Also “Mummo”, a quite old Lady; We had been told that she wouldn´t come out of her cage, we didn´t even know how she looked, because she would hide in the back of the cage, where no light would reach her. Each day we gave her some treats, tried to make her go on a walk with us and after a few days she would start recognizing us, little by little she would come forward, quickly but carefully grab the treat and go back in her crate. One day she came out completely and we could take her for a walk. Now she is spending her days outside with other dogs, still shy towards new people but once she knows you happy to go for walks! She totally changed and we are excited to see her still improving every day!

They are so trusting now. Being around these lovely animals is wonderful, even though the job can be tough and dirty, some days are long and filled with sad moments, we could not save every dog or puppy, we tried very hard but nevertheless we wouldn´t want to miss this experience.

So we are very sad to leave, but we know that we will come back!


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