Star Cats for adoption!

All the sweet cats are looking for a loving home, if you are interested in adopting or want more information about a particular dog or cat please get in touch; visit the shelter or drop us an email

Lucera is a female cat, approximate 1 year old.  She is very sweet and friendly, ideal for family.

Mumness is a 3 year old female cat who loves people, but would prefer to find a forever home where she can have her new family all to herself and not have to share them with any other cats.

Najin (the white cat with the gray spot on his head) is a 4 year old male cat. He is very kind and a little on the shy side, but would certainly come out of his shell once he finds his forever home. Big, lazy and friendly (when he can manage to stop resting).

Reno is a 6 to 7 year old male cat. He has very kind and has a sweet personality. He is the king of the castle in the cat house where he currently lives, but would happily give up his throne in exchange for a forever home.

Suga is a handsome male cat.  His named rhymes with ‘sugar’. He is relaxed, friendly and independent.  He is 4 or 5 years old.

Bekki is a young cat (around 1 year old) and still has no family. She came to our shelter in August 2019, after being rescued in Chimaltenango. A very sweet and loving creature for humans, but not really big friends with the other cats that we are currently giving shelter. Not that she is mean against them, she just hisses a bit at them when they come in her cage. Bekki is looking for a home where she is the only cat or where the other cat(s) can give her the space she needs. She is healthy, loves to eat and loves to be with people

Minie is already in the shelter for over 4 years.   Minie came in as a kitten and  is very friendly towards humans and other cats. She has a strong, but loving personality and can be described as a typical housecat. She’s seen playing around with the other cats and she likes getting attention from the humans that visit her. Minie has been sterilized and is all ready to go to her new house.

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