Star Cats for adoption!

All the sweet cats are looking for a loving home, if you are interested in adopting or want more information about a particular dog or cat please get in touch; visit the shelter or drop us an email

Najin is a 4 year old male. He is very good-natured and a little on the shy side, but would certainly come out of his shell once he finds his forever home. Big, lazy and friendly (when he can manage to stop resting).

Reno is a 6 to 7 year old male cat. He is very friendly and has a sweet personality. He is the king of the castle in the cat house where he currently lives, but would happily give up his throne in exchange for a forever home.

Canche is still looking for his forever home! He came to Aware when he was just 2-3 months old (2017) with his 5 siblings, all got adopted.  He is very sweet and loves attention from humans.  He is 3 years old now and this sweetheart is tired of waiting, he wants to meet you!


If you´re looking for a snuggle bug we´ve got the kitty for you! Chula is a 1.5 year old spayed female.  Chula is a very affectionate cat.  This sweetheart is anxious to meet her forever family!

Mama Duchess is stunning!  She came to Animal Aware with her 3 babies, they were left in a box. Two of her babies have already been adopted.  Let´s get this girl a home where she can feel like a real queen! She is 2 years old.

Sweet Mignonne is still available! How can that be?  She is 2 years old, super lovely and sweet. Can we get Mignonne a home?


Okay everybody. Don´t go crazy! We know you are cat lovers, so meet our lovely  Snowdrop. She is almost 1 year old and she is very sweet and nice, so come and pick her up and give her the love that she deserves.  

Hi, I´m Walworth and I´m still looking for a stable home. I´m a gorgeous, loving cat… A little shy at first but once I get to know you, we´ll get to be best friends. I know my perfect home will come along soon.

Mr. Trax is still looking for a family!!! This sweet cat is currently 9 years old. When he came to us he was very shy and scared. As time went by he turned into a sleepy cat, and a great companion in any home. Let´s hope Trax finds his purrfect home soon so he can get all the fuss and snuggles he deserves.


Sass queen alert!!! Flashback is looking for a forever home and she will not accept less than luxury, she’s been with us since October 28, 2010, she deserves it!  A beautiful girl with a striking white flash on her back – hence the name. Flashback is blessed with powerful feline intelligence, but she can be a little self-critical and super shy. She needs a quiet home where she can gain confidence and learn to show off her highly tuned sense of style.


Also called “Patas”, is our senior sweetheart looking for a forever family with a comfort couch. At 10 years old, this snuggly boy has perfected the art of cuddling and he´s not shy about showing it off.  Are you compatible with Patablancas?

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