Star of the week!

We are excited to showcase the fantastic dogs and cats at the Shelter and give these stars their moment to shine!

This page will be updated as often as we can manage so that you get a chance to learn more about all the wonderful characters at AWARE. Previous stars will be displayed in the Gallery below. All are looking for a loving home, if you are interested in adopting or want more information about a particular dog or cat please get in touch; visit the shelter or drop us an email

This week let us introduce you to: MUÑECA

Muñeca is a total sweetheart with a heart of gold. Despite suffering from an abusive and neglectful owner, being constantly tight up to the point that she had a wound on her neck due to the tight collar when she was rescued and brought to the shelter, she still loves people and is friendly and affectionate.

She’s good with people but not all dogs so introductions need to be made properly. Do you have space in your heart and home for this beautiful girl? Show her what a loving home is like.

Nearly 5 years old Muñeca still has the energy to play and would be a brilliant companion on hikes for those who like to exercise. She has been at the shelter since July 2015 and is high time she found the home and family she craves.

Want more information on Muñeca or any of the other dogs, puppies or cats send us an email have a look at ´Adopciones Animal Aware´ on Facebook or visit the shelter and meet the fantastic animals.


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