Adoption process

The AWARE shelter is open Saturdays and Sundays from 10am to 3pm, or by appointment. A member of staff will show you around and introduce you to a selection of dogs or cats that they think might fit your requirements. If you’re looking for a dog and spot one you like, the staff member can take the dog out of the pen for you to meet him or her and maybe take them out for a stroll.

We are looking for compatibility between the dog or cat and you, your home environment and your lifestyle. We will ask you some questions. The most important factor, though, in making the decision for an adoption to go ahead is evidence of a possible human/animal bond. Sometimes this is immediately obvious, other times it can be more subtle. Once you, the dog or cat, and an AWARE staff member have made the decision to adopt we will ask you to sign a simple adoption contract, and we ask for a copy of your DPI or passport. We also charge a fee (see Table below) to help cover our costs.

All our animals are spayed or neutered – this is AWARE policy. They are all up-to-date with their vaccinations. We will give you as complete a history of the animal as we can, according to what we know about their life before they were rescued.


If you can’t come to AWARE and meet the animals and would still like to adopt (maybe you have fallen in love with a dog or cat from their picture), send us an e-mail ( and we can discuss possibilities. AWARE is not able to help with costs, but will obtain all the necessary paperwork and can also arrange all transportation to your airport of choice. Your expenses will include paperwork and fees and all transportation costs. As an approximate guide and example, shipping a medium-sized dog from Guatemala to the USA can cost up to 1000USD. Since the cost depends on the size of the animal, airline, the destination of transportation, it will be for the best for you to contact us. 

In-Country Adoption Fees

Dogs Guatemalan Quetzales 200.00
Puppies Guatemalan Quetzales 200.00
Cats Guatemalan Quetzales 100.00
For any questions about the adoption process, please just drop us a line (

Adoption Stories (coming soon)

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