Molly’s adoption was unusual – at 8 years old, with a skin condition and a thyroid problem it was unlikely that she’d ever find a home, and would spend the rest of her life in a cage. Nevertheless, given her sweetness and nobility, it was easy to adopt her.

Leaving the Shelter, she calmly sat herself down on the back seat of the car like it had always been her place, and stayed there for the whole hour’s journey home. Once there, all it took was a few walks together before she and her new sisters became friends. Not only that, but her good behaviour and calmness have made her a model and example for them.

Her favourite place? Underneath my office chair, where she can sleep for hours, occasionally snoring happily. Her favourite pastime? Sitting in the park enjoying the view, waiting for a child to come and give her a pat on the head. She loves to have her tummy rubbed, and can spend a long time, paws in the air, receiving this kind of attention. She likes going out for walks, though she’s a slow walker and tires quickly.

Without a doubt, Molly is happy in her new home – and her new family is very happy to have her. Here’s hoping that other older homeless dogs can get the opportunity of a new life.

*Sadly, after 7 years, Molly passed away in June 2020.

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