Animal AWARE (Animal Welfare Association - Rescue/Education) is a non-profit, non-governmental charitable organization for the rescue and welfare of abandoned or abused animals. It was founded in 1998 in Guatemala by Xenii Nielsen (USA), Gina Illescas (Guatemala), and Pamela Hirst- Prins (England).

Our mission:

Perform spay / neuter days and vaccination clinics that are affordable for local people with scarce resources.

Educate people to eliminate animal cruelty.

At this time due to the large number of animals admitted to the center it is dedicated solely to the promotion of sterilization at low cost, as well as to educate people about animal care and proper keeping of pets. We need to promote both national and international adoption of the animals here at the center in order to be able to continue our work in animal rescue and with your help we can do it!

Animal AWARE Stories

Sancho in California

Sancho, known as Zecke in Animal AWARE was abandoned as a puppy outside the shelter. We found him tied up to the gate one morning […]

Don Carlos and Carlita

Well dog my cats! as Huckleberry Finn would say. This caring for animals business is beginning to rub off on the staff! Head farm-hand Don […]


Risitas was rescued along with her 2 siblings from certain death on the streets of Guatemala City. We assume that the terrible wound across her […]


“Khan went to the vet. He is on anti-inflammatory drugs for the arthritis and hip displasia and he moves much faster and easier now.  He […]


TapSnap Partners with Animal AWARE for “Take Me Home” Pet Adoption Drive

TapSnap partnered with Animal AWARE to raise awareness of the organization’s work in eliminating animal abuse, as well as providing care and finding homes for […]

Changes afoot at the AWARE website !

Even the richest animal welfare organizations must have their ups and downs. What to do? AWARE says enjoy the Ups and fix the Downs. Which […]

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